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Inzzo’s Shed, located downtown San Antonio, Texas, is a comic based on San Antonio local artist, and creator of Unique Knits Clothing brand Gilbert Glaster’s childhood and the summers he spent with his Grandpa Jack. There are 5 one of a kind characters known as the Peculiar Five who combine and share their love for technology as well as a love for sneakers and toys. Each character embodies a characteristic of Gilbert’s that helps them to advance through life and enables them to become their best selves. The store appeals to everyone from the throwback hip hop enthusiast to the nostalgic sneakerhead, or the introvert creative who longs to be different than the norm yet be accepted for who they are.

Inzzo's Shed has something for those looking to add to their fly collections or those just wanting to switch up their style featuring inspired designs infused with that Gilbert Glaster creative touch. The expansion of Inzzo's Shed reintroduces the world to a line of unique tee’s, retro toys and sneakers for all ages! Customers are encouraged to come and be apart of the experience. The longer you stay in the store the more things you see, some strategically hidden for the owner’s own personal enjoyment. The holiday's are approaching and there are so many new, and exclusive items we can’t wait to introduce you all to. New items added every week. Yeah, the Alamo is nice, but we want Inzzo’s Shed to be the place you MUST visit when you come to San Antonio. 

Gilbert Glaster is the 2017 San Antonio Fashion Award Winner for Streetwear Brand of the Year!

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